Since 2011 Valerie Messini and Damjan Minovski repeatedly collaborated. They realized several large-scale installations and collaborated on small projects. "Head in a cloud" represents their first comprehensive collaboration. "Head in a cloud" was first shown in 2017 and became a permanent installation of the Domenig Steinhaus. In 2018 and 2019 2MVD exhibited at the AIL-Angewandte Innovation Lab, the Vienna Design Week as part of the featured program, aut-Architektur und Tirol as part of the exhibition "AND" in collaboration with Wolfgang Tschapeller and INTRA SPACE as well as their Solo Show at the Gallerie Göttlicher in Krems.


The collaboration 2MVD focuses on connecting Architecture with innovations and advances in the field of digital art and technology. As architects it is very important to 2MVD to work with interactive spaces, not video installations. These are not designed as curated perspectives, but are always explorable worlds, unveiling selected views sometimes by the user and sometimes by the artists. The project "Head in a cloud" is in reference to the movement in the 1960s, including Ivan Sutherlands' "Head-mounted display" and Marshall McLuhan's "the medium is the message". These works mark the beginnings of the shift from the physical to the virtual world. They are less concerned with the individual's psyche than with the search for a new definition of space. At the same time new mass media such as television and telecommunications came on. The suddenly conceivable distraction is now orders of magnitude higher by the global network being an integral part of our everyday lives. We are evolving towards the metaverse, a collective common virtual space. The spread of the virtual almost exceeds that of the physical, built space and therefore entered the sphere of influence of architecture. Virtual spaces offer opportunities to occupy space that is free of all technical conditions and regulatory restrictions. Immersive media allows to overcome the physical laws by which terrestrial architecture is limited. We want to think, design and experience spaces or landscapes detached from conventional explanations and technical necessities or any other regulating corset. We understand the intention of our work as an impulse to force the creative process, as an opportunity to push spacial perception to its boundaries.